Common Room

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Article: The Ultimate Open Plan
by:Jenny de Jesus, Photos by Olivier Koning
Issue Date: Hawaii Home and Remodeling (Tue) November 3, 2009

D-Box (

For the ultimate movie watching experience you have to check out D-box.  I tried it at the Gentry Design studio and have been psyched about it since.  It’s like the old school flight simulator machine at the fair that moved around as the action was playing on the screen.  Taken from “All the motion is encoded frame by frame by a skilled D-BOX motion artist. It is NOT activated by bass sound, nor does it simply tilt and pivot. With approximately 24 frames per second and 124 programmable movements per frame, encoding a film demands endless hours of creative input and exploration by our motion artists. They currently have a data bank of over 4000 subtle – and not so subtle – movements and are creating new ones with each new movie title...”  So for all those who want to be in the action, this is as real as it gets for now.  An added bonus is that the furniture isn’t video game looking, but rather looks like a regular upscale leather love seat or chair.

Article: A New Tradition
by Jesse J. Leung, Photos by Olivier Koning
Featured Architect: Phillip Camp of Hawaii Architecture LLP
Issue Date: Hawaii Home and Remodeling (Tue) September 7, 2010
From: Hawaii Home and Remodeling