Drinks Links

Cocktail Websites

http://www.kingcocktail.com/Rcpemenu.htm -
Here is King Cocktail himself, Dale Degroff's recipe site.

www.drinkboy.com - These are the writings and personal recipes of cocktail expert Robert Hess, co-founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail and author of The Essential Bartender's Guide: How to Make Truly Great Cocktails. 

www.barproducts.com - This is the best place to buy all your bartending equipment. It was a referal by two of the best in Hawaii, Christian Self of thirtyninehotel and TIm Rita of Lewer's Lounge.

International Bartenders Association - This page has information about the IBA and also has recipes for the World Campionship Cockatail of the year going back to 1955.

Wine Reviews
www.wine.com - This site includes the wine maker's notes and point ratings from Robert Parker and Wine Spectator when available. Best of all it's content is free unlike Wine Spectator

http://www.cellartracker.com/ - Cellar tracker is a website providing reviews by private individuals posted blog style.  It also includes basic information about the type of the wine and where it is from. If you live in the continental United States it also gives you the opportunity to buy wine from them.

Beer Reviews
BeerAdvocate.com This is a great site which has beer reviews done by both individual “bloggers” and by the creators of the website. The contents include a plethora of beer and beer drinking and appreciation tips and notes.  It’s a great place to start to learn the art of drinking beer, as it is similar to drinking wine.