Hawaii Nui Kauai Golden Ale

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Type: Golden Ale

Brewery: Hawaii Nui Brewing

Brewery Location: Hilo, Hawaii (USA)

Location Purchaced: Safeway Kapahulu, HI (6-pack for $8.99) and Big City Diner, Ward (draft)

Comments: Gold in color, but not much carbonation. Draft strangely has almost no smell. The bouquet from the bottle was of very faint caramel with a light trace of pineapple; slightly sweet smell is balanced by bitterness. Weird dry mouth feeling after drinking. To taste almost an extreme example of a summer beer with lots of wheat, lemon, orange and citrus. In relation to other summer beers it’s less tasteful than the Sam Adams Summer Ale. Nothing special (rather mediocre, in fact) and not worth buying again. To put this beer’s mediocrity into prospective it could be paired with a tossed salad and Italian dressing.

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