Anchor Steam

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Type: Steam Beer

Brewery: Anchor Brewing Company

Brewery Location:San Francisco, California (USA)

Location Purchaced: Times Supermarket - Honolulu, Oahu (bottle)

Comments: Nice dark amber beer though with very little head.  To the nose smelt slightly like a hefeweizen.  To taste it is very unique.  It’s like hefeweizen meets Heinekin meets Duck Rabbit Milk Stout.  The contact to your pallet is of slightly bitter but very smooth and with a medium amount of carbonation.  It then finishes slightly sweet with tastes of citrus and banana’s like a hefeweizen except very very slight with a slight hint of alcohol.  It’s a very nice warm weather beer and worth buying for the price (~$3.50 for a 1.6 pt bottle) if you want something smooth and not too heavy or bitter yet you want full taste in contrasts to a beer like Heineken. Also be great for pairing with ribs or a sweeter not very spicy BBQ sauce. (BN)

Website Review: Anchor Brewing