Work: Spring 2009
Ralph Lauren Spring 2009

Reads old school with the medium width black tie, white point collar shirt and classic high notch lapel.  The feature here is the simplicity which is spiced up by the glossy material of the suit.
The tie caught my attention.  It’s tacky aloha shirt meets fashion. The pocket square helps pull the look in.  The double breasted suit helps as well by matching the flamboyant tie with a very powerful suit that pulls its own weight.
Check out that shirt color.  The tie makes it work by bringing the entire focal point to that area.  The white pocket square breaks up the monotone suit, while not drawing attention away from the focal point.

This suit is loud…Very loud.  Don’t wear it unless you have the personality to match.  The pin stripes pull hard with the double pocket, the tie and shirt are bright and vibrant, where do we start with the orange socks…  The only thing that doesn’t stand out...too much, the white pocket square.
The double breasted with double pockets and the tie…trippy
Old school with the suit, new school with the tie.  I like.

My name is Bond, James bond.  Nothing wrong with that look.  The tie makes it work, and got to love the double breast.  How real men wear white pants.
Going to work then heading out after?  The suit is upscale but it gets played back with the tie. The black pocket square makes this the opposite color scheme of the traditional business suit.  I likey very muchy.
For those dress down days when you’re also going out to lunch and eating outside under the sun.  Pair the look with a pair of sunglasses, kick back and enjoy that (insert refreshing ice cold drink here).

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Spurr Spring 2009
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Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2009
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