Day Casual: Spring 2009
images from style.com

Ralph Lauren

Old School AAU track jacket… awesome!  Talk about a vintage look with the white pin striped pants. Also one has to appreciate the two tone button down-collar shirt.

The colors here work very nicely together and are very spring like.  The belt buckle is sweet and the shoes make everything work well.  BTW check out that shirt.

Note the tie and the socks.  These two subtle things make this more than a guy in a pink sweater.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2009

images from style.com

Nothing fancy, just keeping with the basics. The jacket is very classic and the shirt and tie combination gives a laid back look, but the jacket has enough going on with pockets and colors to be entertaining.
The high gloss leather jacket makes things pop.  The button down collar shirt under the sweater gives the two toned look, and the skinny tie keeps the look classic.  The brown in the tie blends in the belt to the jacket which is another nice added detail.

Spurr Spring 2009

images from style.com
Check out them pants! Yeah window panes.